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Great Commission Community Church, Inc.

Church History


On June 1st, 2008, Great Commission Community Church held its very first worship service at Hanes Lowrance Middle School. Under the leadership of Pastor Philemon A. Samuels, GC3, as we know it was born. The first message that Pastor Philemon preached came from Amos 9:13-15 and was entitled, “To Come Out Right, You Must Go Through Right!” 

In the beginning stages of this ministry, Great Commission Community Church held Bible studies in various locations. Eventually, services were held mainly at John F. Kennedy High School.


In October of 2011, our founder, Philemon A. Samuels went home to be with the Lord. During the months following Pastor Philemon’s untimely death, Bishop Derek Kelly of New Faith Full Gospel Fellowship Center of Lexington, NC (a long-time son and friend of Pastor Philemon) delivered the message on Sunday morning. It was in these months that the resiliency of the ministry in which Pastor Philemon and then first lady Gloria had built was truly shown. The foundation was strong, and the ministry continued to move forward. 

In May 2012 the Great Commission Community Church celebrated the installation and consecration of Apostle Gloria M. Samuels by our spiritual father, Archbishop Ralph L. Dennis of Kingdom Fellowship Ministries in Baltimore, Maryland. This service was held at Greater Cleveland Avenue Christian Church.

On May 13, 2012, Great Commission Community Church held our first worship service. Indeed, God was faithful to His promise that He made to Apostle Gloria when He told her that it was time to move the people from the school to a more permanent place, however, God wasn’t finished yet. 

On the first Sunday in December of 2013, we moved into our new home, the current location, 3733 Ogburn Ave. In May of 2014 we celebrated a three-day grand opening which included a night of the arts event, community day, worship service and sanctuary dedication service naming it the “P.A Samuels Sanctuary”.

Great Commission Community Church, Inc. under the leadership of Apostle Gloria Samuels is a ministry that is transforming lives by empowering communities and offers various ministries designed to touch the total person spirit, soul, and body! 


We are taught to assimilate, appropriate, and make the word of God apart of our Christian experience. We are taught that you don’t need to have a mega church to have a mega impact. We are taught that destiny favors the prepared. We are taught to run with vision and minister with excellence. 

We are devoted to loving the people of God from where they are to where they have been assigned to go. We are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission in our community, because we know that above all Souls Matter. 

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